Beauty Review: Oribe Gold Lust

I’ve contemplated getting this luxurious trio set (shampoo, conditioner, and styling balm) for some time now, three years to be exact. I was first introduced to Oribe by my hairdresser at Gene Juarez, who had just launched the line at GJ salons in the Seattle area in late 2012. What attracted me to this product was not only its elegant packaging but rich fragrance (think passion fruit with a hint of sandalwood). While those two factors may not be enough to justify the hefty price tag (approx. $50 per bottle), the way it has improved the condition of my damaged and dull hair, is certainly worth talking about.

To start off, I would like to mention, I have thick, long, coarse, wavy hair, often referred to as “Latina hair”. I think of my hair as a curse and a blessing all at the same time. My hair has not seen a brush since my middle school days–those with similar texture would understand why…frizz much? However, even though my hair has seen fifty shades of black, brown, and often brassy, it has been able to withstand numerous experiments and way too many disasters, and this of course is thanks to it’s coarse texture.
Now on to the review…


Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo – I found the shampoo to be light in texture and pleasantly scented. I would highly recommend this to someone who has chemically or colored-treated hair because of it’s gentle, sulfate-free formula. I also noticed that the washout after each shampoo was minimal to none, which is not always true for color-safe shampoos. My only frustration with this product is that it does not provide a rich lather (a common complaint for sulfate-free shampoos). But don’t let the lack of suds fool you, the shampoo leaves hair feeling and looking clean. Tip: Apply a small amount of shampoo directly onto the scalp and add some water, it helps break down the buildup and will help achieve a small lather.
Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner -The conditioner, like the shampoo, is also light-weight and easily glides onto hair. Because of my hair type, I needed to use a little more than a quarter-sized amount. The instructions call to leave the product on hair for at least one minute however, in my experience, the longer you leave it on, the better the results. Besides, why not indulge in the fragrance of a tropical paradise?
Oribe Balm d’Or – The “gold balm” will help protect your hair while you heat style. Instructions suggest to apply to damp hair before you blow dry or use heat. Since I prefer to let my hair dry naturally before using the flat iron, I only apply the product to the sections where I will be applying heat, usually bangs and top layer of my hair. Again, this like the rest of the Oribe products, smells amazing and leaves hair with incredible shine.
Since I’ve started using this product I’ve noticed a difference in the condition and the overall appearance of my hair, curls are more defined and the frizz is less. I’ve also had a few people comment on how shiny my hair looks. Huge plus, considering my hair has recently undergone a double-process balayage.
Would I purchase this product again? 

Yes. BUT only if it went on sale again. I purchased this gift set at Gene Juarez right after the holidays and I got it for $78 (originally $97). This was definitely one of those deals I couldn’t pass up, especially for full-size bottles–SOLD! I’m definitely adding the balm to my hair styling regimen and looking forward to trying their other styling products. Any recommendations?


♥  Paola

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