Makeup Review: Bronzer

Living in Seattle, one of the wettest cities of the US, where summer never seems to come and rain never fails,  people must find alternate forms of sun to keep them from looking like something out of a “Twilight” movie.  While men are only limited to tanning beds and spray tans luckily for us women, we also have access to a little container filled with artificial sunshine a.k.a bronzer.  If applied properly, bronzer can be our BFF by providing us with a healthy glow even on our cloudiest days however, if used incorrectly it can leave us looking dirty making it our worst enemy.

When I shop for a bronzer my trick is to pick a color no more than a shade darker than my natural skin tone (remember the goal is to enhance your current skin tone and not to look like you’re related to Snookie) and depending what time of the year it is I pick either between a matte or shimmery finish (winter and summer consecutively).  Also, it is important to keep in mind that a bronzer should NOT be used as an all-over powder, it should only be used in areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit or in less violent terms (lol), kiss your face.  Below are some of my favorite products that I’ve used along the years. 

Hoola by Benefit – $28

Pros: Natural tan color (not orange), provides a matte finish
Cons: Brush included gives a messy application (I use a MAC brush instead)
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (in Deep Dark) by MAC – $27
Pros: Provides natural-looking tan with a slight amount of shimmer
Cons: Requires light application otherwise will make give an orange tone
Bare Bronze by Victoria’s Secret – $14.50
Pros: Bronzer divided into shimmer/matte for a customizable look
Cons: None


4 thoughts on “Makeup Review: Bronzer

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and following! I visited Seattle long time ago which I miss, but you are right there's a lot of rain. This was a good post on bronzer. 🙂


  2. MaviDeniz, I have that one too, however I don't use it much anymore after I got the Mac mineralize finish powder bronzer. I don't like how the matte bronzer sits on my skin, after a while it absorbs unevenly leaving the skin looking patchy and “dirty”.


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