Makeup Review: Mascara

Being the make-up fan/addict that I am, I LOVE trying new cosmetic products, especially if they’re given to me as a present or a freebie. =) My lovely older sister Yuvitkza, (who also happens to be the first one to introduce me to the world of “high-end” cosmetics) came to visit me from Florida early last year and as usual brought back some goodies for me to try. Being the new Manager at the Trish McEvoy counter in Florida’s Saks 5th Avenue she has talked my ear off about the amazing products she carries and how I should ditch MAC (one of my personal favorites) and switch to Trish. What she failed to take into consideration is that as consumer when you’re hooked on a product that you really like it’s hard to give it up for another, no matter how “GREAT” you claim it is. One day, somewhere along my stubbornness and my unwillingness to switch products, I found myself out of my usual ‘Zoom Lash’ mascara (by MAC), as I rummaged through my newly organized makeup case I found the sleek, shiny, black metal tube of Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara that my sister had given to me the previous year, I put on a couple coats and was instantly amazed by the precision of the wand and consistency of the formula. Although I was lucky enough to be born with naturally long eyelashes I always seek for products that will give my lashes that extra “oomph” (this goes to prove that women are never really satisfied, lol), in my journey to find the “right” mascara I’ve discovered a few favorites (which I will list below) but hands down Lash Curling Mascara by Trish McEvoy is one of my all-time favorites! The bristles on the wand are perfectly designed for an easy and smooth application that will not leave clumps, smudge, or leave flakes after long wear. Also, the consistency of the formula provides eyelashes with a flexible hold allowing for retouches without that crusty, spider-like look and my favorite part–mascara easily removes with warm water from lashes in tube-like fibers leaving no residue behind or the-morning-after raccoon-eye look. I love, love, love this product however, my ONLY complain is the price, each tube is $30 (at Nordstrom) but if you can splurge you will not be disappointed since this mascara is worth every penny and I’ve noticed that it doesn’t dry out as quickly as MAC mascaras (maybe due to the packaging being metal as opposed to plastic). Happy Shopping!

The runner ups to Lash Curling Mascara by Trish McEvoy are:

Laura Mercier Thickening Mascara – $20
Pros: Separates lashes, makes them appear longer, creates thickness
Cons: After long wear it can flake and leave residue under eyes
L’oreal Double Extend$11.95
Pros: 2-step process gives long dramatic lashes
Cons: Not-flexible making lashes look hard and crusty after touch ups
Covergirl LashBlast Length – $8
Pros: Inexpensive, lengthens lashes
Cons: Flakes after long wear
MAC Zoom Lash $14
Pros: Gives lashes volume and length
Cons: Clumps, too watery when it’s new
❤ Paola


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