Lucy Loves Ethel Photo Shoot

Weekends are sacred and the ONLY time to relax for a girl whose weekdays are filled between work, school, gym, and trying to maintain a relationship. This specific weekend I was asked to do a photo shoot for the lovely Mindy Spicer, designer of Lucy Loves Ethel.

Early Saturday morning I woke up at about 7:30 to gather my stuff before the shoot which was scheduled to start (with a complimentary facial by Nu skin) at 9:30. Since I had originally refused to do the facial I arrived at around 10am to Mindy’s paradise, a beautiful waterfront Spanish-style home in Edmonds. Upon my arrival I was greeted at the parking lot by James, a videographer who was shooting “behind the scenes” footage and caught me clumsily exiting my car (not the best way to make an entrance, lol). After exchanging a brief introduction and a few words with James, I proceeded to the entrance and was welcomed with a smile and a huge hug from the lovely Mindy herself.

Once inside the home, I was greeted by other familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while and Mindy was kind enough to give me a personal tour of her marvelous residence which offered breathtaking views that I was able to enjoy while I waited for hair and make up.

At around 11, since we were still waiting for the hairstylist and photographer to arrive I decided to go ahead and get a complimentary facial by Tracy from Nu Skin. I must say that I was skeptical at first and had my doubts about getting a facial right before a shoot (because of a skin reaction or breakouts due to open pores) but after observing and realizing that the process didn’t include exfoliation and was different from anything I had seen before, I decided to give it a try.—I’m glad I did, my skin felt amazing, the procedure was fun, and besides what girl doesn’t like to get pampered for free? I will definitely be looking into Nu Skin products for a new daily skin care regime.

We had our hair styled by Sincere and Shante, our make up done by Aliyliyah (Make up artist from the monthly “Chance” fashion shows) and photos taken by the wonderful and very talented Travers Dow. Overall, it was a very fun and productive day, captured a lot of great shots, snacked on delicious food, talked travel with Mindy’s sweet husband, shared many laughs with the girls and all in all, spent an amazing Saturday morning/afternoon in the company of many talented and wonderful individuals.

It is not always easy to spend one of the only two days that you have for leisure doing a photo shoot but having worked with this group in the past, I knew I was in for a treat. The models (Emily, Dawnielle, Bri, Serena)are a pleasure to work with, Travers is fast, creative, and takes amazing shots, and Mindy….she is TRULY one of a kind, she is extremely appreciative and is the sweetest person I have ever worked with. Mindy brings so much positive energy to every shoot and makes “working” for her such a pleasure. –Thank you Mindy!!! P.S. Thank you for the shirt/dress, I can’t wait to wear it!! ❤ Paola

Here are some finished shots from the shoot – Travers Dow

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