Benvenuto in Italia!!!

My first day in Rome has been an amazing experience so far, from the food, to the people, to the atmosphere, this place is phenomenal and so full of life!  My roommate and I are being housed inside the UW Rome Center directly located in Campo de Fiori and we couldn’t be happier! We have a generously spacious apartment right next to our classroom, which is quite convenient since I’m always late (lol) and we’re minutes from numerous little restaurants and shops. Overall the people here are very friendly, we got a welcoming “limoncello” shot from one of the neighboring restaurants where we had our first meal.  Walking through the Campo at night was very pleasant and felt very safe, people of all ages were out and about strutting around in fashion that seemed as if they walked straight from a runway show, both women and men.

Today we gathered as a class and had our first Italian breakfast which consisted of a cup of cappuccino and a croissant (definitely not enough for a girl who is used to a full breakfast, eggs, toast, cereal, the whole 9 yards)  then headed for a tour to see the beauty of Rome. I will share some of the pictures I captured during my tour today. I was in completely disbelief as I saw the structures that I once glanced at and could only imagine from the pictures of old history books, seeing them in person was a whole other experience, more like a dream…ENJOY!







































































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